Prof. Wu Houjiu Giving Presentation at the China Juice 2012 Held in Xi’an, China

Organized by China Chamber of Juice of CFNA, Co-organized by Shaanxi Provincial Fruit Administration and Department of Commerce of Shaanxi Province, China Juice 2012 was held in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, from Sep. 17th to 19th, 2012. China Juice 2012 attracted over 300 participants from home and abroad, representing juice makers, juice beverage producers, traders, equipment manufacturers, relevant associations, administrative departments, and experts from colleges and universities. Mr. Wu Houjiu, the scientific researcher from Citrus Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, attended this conference and gave a speech with the title of “Orange Juice Production and Consumption in China”.

15 experts from 10 countries were invited to give speeches at the conference. Their topics covered the main juice producers in the world, analyzed the production and market of the major juice consuming countries, predicted the trend in the future, and introduced the EU modified regulation requirements of the imports and exports of juice. Experts from different countries made in-depth exchanges in terms of the current situation and the trend of juice industry, and discussed how to explore the market and promote sustainable development of the juice industry.

Mr. Wu Houjiu, the deputy director of National Research Center for Citrus Engineering, gave a speech named “Orange Juice Production and Consumption in China” at the conference’s invitation. Mr. Wu pointed out that thanks to China’s economic growth and the increase of its people’s income in the past 2 or 3 decades, the production of citrus in China surged rapidly, ranking the top in the world. Meanwhile, the consumption, production and import of orange juice also enjoyed fast growth. During the last decade, the production of citrus exceeded that of apple and pear. In 2011, the production of orange juice approached 300,000 tons, which doubled from the year before and accounted for 40% of all the orange juice consumed in China during 2011.

Mr. Wu also emphasized that the future of the orange juice industry is determined by efficient material supply, and the efficiency in material supply is affected by the productivity and effectiveness of its production. In China, we have to ensure the quality and yield of the material as well as the reasonable distribution of profits among the growers and processors, so as to reach the best quality and yield of the material and realize the win-win situation for the growers and processors.