Famous Plant Virologist Ding Shouwei visiting and giving lecture in CRI

On November 1st,2012, Ding Shouwei, the famous plant virologist and professor of University of California, Riverside, was invited by Citrus Research Institute (CRI) to give an academic lecture with the title of RNAi-mediated Antiviral Immunity in Plant and Animal. During his lecture, Professor Ding elaborated on the recent progresses of his lab in the antiviral research of plant, and also offered brilliant and enlightening answers to the questions asked by the graduate students of CRI. The packed lecture room burst into enthusiastic applause from time to time. Mr. Zhou Changyong, the vice president of Southwest University and director of CRI, attended the lecture and his assistant Dr. Zhao Xiaochun chaired it. Up to 200 researchers and graduate students from the Plant Protection College and the Agronomy&Biotecnology College of Southwest University also attended the lecture.


After the lecture, Professor Ding Shouwei toured around CRI and Southwest University, and made in-depth academic exchanges with the scientific researchers and doctoral candidates of CRI.


Professor Ding Shouwei, an internationally renowned plant virologist and academician of the American Academy of Microbiology and American Association for the Advancement of Science, is mainly engaged in the research of Virus-host Interactions, RNA Silencing, RNAi-based Antiviral Immunity in Plants and Animals and so on. His research results were once published on many worldly famous scientific journals such as Cell, Science, Nature, Plant Cell, PNAS, etc.