The commence of CRI’s Project “Chongqing Citrus Remote Sensing and Information Technology Innovation


On March 16th, 2012, the meeting for commence of the Project “Chongqing Citrus Remote Sensing and Information Technology Innovation Service International Cooperation Base” was held in Citrus Research Institute. Ms. XIANg Bin, the deputy director of the International Cooperation Department of Chongqing Science & Technology Commission, Mr. ZHANG Zhenjie, the project director, Prof. XIAO Yacheng, the director of the Science and Technology Division of Southwest University, Mr. LONG Li, the party secretary of CRI, Mr. DENG Lie, the deputy party secretary of CRI and the project leader, Dr. LI Zhongan, the director assistant of CRI, as well as the directors of CRI’s integrated administrative office and scientific research & extension office attended the meeting. Prof. LAN Yubin, the agricultural engineer with the USDA-Agricultural Research Service (ARS) and the chief expert of this project, also participated, and Dr. LI Zhongan chaired this meeting.


Mr. LONG Li extended cordial welcome to all the officials and guests on behalf of Dr. ZHOU Changyong, the director of CRI. In the opening speech, Mr. Long expressed sincere gratitude to Chongqing Science & Technology Commission for its substantial support on CRI’s informationalization. He said this international cooperation base, funded by Chongqing Science & Technology Commission, will not only play a major role in the technological progress of China’s citrus industry, but also improve its industrial competitiveness, accelerate CRI’s internationalization and enhance the competence of citrus industry.


Ms. XIANG Bin underlined the significance, requirements and development objectives of this project. Chongqing Science & Technology Commission supports the building of innovation platform to introduce high technology of modern agriculture, which is featured by citrus industry in Chongqing. This platform gives momentum to the internationalization of CRI and international exchange of technology for Chongqing’s agriculture, and lays foundation for further upgrading to an International Cooperation Center for National Agricultural Technology. She hoped the attraction of experts from home and abroad, the high standards in the infrastructure construction and the speed up of R&D and the application of new technology in this project will promote the modernization of Chongqing’s agricultural technology and set an example of international technological cooperation. She also stated that the supervision and support from Southwest University and CRI in fund raising, basic condition creation and base operation is needed to build a top agricultural information and innovative service base.


Prof. XIAO Yacheng also gave a speech to the audience. He said, Southwest University gives priority to international cooperation and talents attraction. Now its international cooperation platform and application of international cooperation programs are on track of development. He expressed gratitude to Chongqing Science & Technology Commission for its consistent support for Southwest University’s international cooperation programs. The initiation and implementation of CRI’s “Chongqing Citrus Remote Sensing and Information Technology Innovation Service International Cooperation Base” project will enhance the competitiveness of Southwest University’s advantageous disciplines, promote the sustainable development of Chongqing’s citrus industry, and accelerate the university’s internationalization progress. He also promised assistance under Southwest University’s Platform Promotion and Discipline Development Scheme to CRI in its fund raising for this project to construct infrastructure and maintaining the operation.


Mr. DENG Lie, the project leader, introduced the details and key points of the construction in this project. Dr. LAN Yubin, the chief expert from US, reported the achievements in the early stage of this project and the plan for the later work.

Party secretary LONG Li presented the appointment letter for visiting professorship to Dr. LAN Yubin on behalf of CRI. He also guided the tour for the officials and experts around the institute.