Prof. WU Houjiu giving speech at Juice Asia 2012

The 6th annual convention of Juice Asia was held in Singapore on May 22nd and 23rd, 2012. Prof. WU Houjiu, the deputy director of National Citrus Engineering Research Center, was invited to give a speech on “The current situation and prospect of China’s juice production and consumption”.

The convention proceeded with the combination of keynote speeches and keynote discussions. 17 experts from 10 countries delivered keynote speeches. A variety of topics were involved, such as juice supply safety and price risk management, new trends of juice consumption, developing and promoting concentrated juice market through new product and technology, explore new demand through new product development, and packaging revolution of Asian market and improving the juice supply chain with the introduction of cold chain. Prof. Wu analyzed the rapid growth of China’s fruit production, juice production and consumption based on extensive data from past 30 years. Especially through case study of the production and market of apple juice and orange juice, he demonstrated the latest demand and development trend of China’s juice industry. Though China’s juice and its beverage market enjoys a rapid growth of 20% annually, he said, the per capita consumption is still far below the average level of the world, and it is certain that China’s juice market will continue to grow rapidly based on the estimation of China’s per capita income growth. In the end, he concluded that there is a reasonable possibility that China’s juice and its beverage production and consumption will increase by 50% by 2015, and then juice production and juice beverage production will reach 7.5m tons and 28.8m tons, respectively, and the juice consumption will reach 2.5m tons, which was attracted a great interesting and exciting from the participants.

The convention was hosted by IBD Company and Food News Company from Singapore, supported by China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Foodstuffs, Native produce & Animal By-Products (CFNA), New Zealand Juice Beverage Association and International Tropical Fruits Internet, and sponsored by Rapark Company, CFT Company and DSM Company. Global Information Company, Indonesia Food Critics, International Commercial Supervision, World Beverage and 21st Century Food & Beverage Web were also involved in the organization work. About 70 delegates representing juice producers, traders, retailers, equipment & material suppliers, juice industry media, relevant associations as well as experts and scholars from 21 countries and regions attended the meeting.