Prof. JIAO Bining attending CFAS 2012

On June 5th and 6th, 2012, Prof. JIAO Bining and his students ZHANG Xuelian and RAN Yue attended China Food and Agricultural Products Quality & Safety Testing Technology Application Forum & Exhibition 2012 (CFAS 2012) held at Beijing International Convention Center.


With the theme of “Constructing food safety guarantee system, promoting the application of new testing technology for food and agricultural product, and improving food and agricultural products quality inspection system”, this forum invited officials from the government authority and famous scholars from food quality inspection field to give speeches, such as Professor and Academician JIN Guopan from Tsinghua University, Academician LU Wanzhen from SINOPEC CORP. Research Institute of Petroleum Processing and inspector ZHANG Lijian from Agricultural Product Quality & Safety Regulatory Bureau of Ministry of Agriculture.

During the forum, ZHANG Xuelian and RAN Yue, graduate students of CRI, delivered academic speeches. Their papers won one first prize and two second prizes, respectively.

The re-election of the special committee of the Agricultural Instrument Application Technology Branch of China Instrument and Control Society was also held in the forum. LI Jinxiang, vice president of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, was elected to be the president of the sixth session of the special committee, JIAO Bining was re-elected as the deputy president, and ZHANG Yaohai as a member of the special committee.

Organized by the Analytical Instrument Branch and Agricultural Instrument Application Technology Branch of the China Instrument and Control Society, this forum attracted over 600 experts and representatives from home and abroad.