Fruit Storage and Processing

. Principal Investigator, Prof. WU Houjiu
. Principal Investigator, Prof. Dr. DOU Huating

    This research team is led by Profs. WU Houjiu and DOU Huating. The key team members include Prof. WANG Hua, Associate Profs. SUN Zhigao, WANG Rikui, MA Yaqin,  HE Mingyang and Senior Lab Technician ZHOU Lian. There are six major research directions:

    1) Application of new and high technology in citrus processing;

    2) Development of new products and by-products;

    3) Comprehensive utilization of processing residues;

    4) R & D of processing equipments and facilities;

    5) Post-harvest physiology and new technology of storage and shipment to keep fruit fresh;

    6) the Development of new commercial packing technology, storage facilities, and equipment.

. Prof. WANG Hua
. Assoc. Prof. SUN Zhigao
. Assoc. Prof. WANG Rikui
. Dr.HE Mingyang
. Assoc. Prof. Dr. MA Yaqin
. Senior Technical Officer ZHOU Lian

    The main ongoing research projects include: Key processing technology of standardization and industrialization production for orange juice , Study on key techniques for utilization of peel residue and development of new by-products , Study on techniques for fresh keeping of citrus fruits  and demonstration , Pilot scale experiment of key processing technology for citrus  pellets fermented , Extension and industrialization of the modern technology for highly effective production of orange,  Study on techniques to prevent citrus decay and demonstration . “Key processing technology and production demonstration for orange juice base” ,“Processing features of citrus varieties and quality access technology”.

    So far, eight national and provincial awards for science and technology progress and nine patents have been achieved.


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    ( Last update:  2014.2)

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