Collection, Evaluation and Utilization of Germplasm Resources

. Principal Investigator, Prof.Dr.ZHAO Xiaochun

    This research team is led by Prof. ZHAO Xiaochun. The key team members are Profs. ZHEN Zhiliang, Assoc. Profs. JIANG Dong, ZHU Shiping and Shen Wanxia. The main research areas include:

    1) Collection, characterization, evaluation, and preservation of citrus germplasm;

    2) Genetic improvement of citrus varieties;

    3) Identification and characterization of stress-resistant genes;

    4) Systematic and evolutionary studies of citrus and its related genus;

    5) Identification and isolation of important function genes for genetic improvement of citrus.

. Prof. Dr.ZHEN Zhiliang
. Assoc. Prof.JIANG Dong
. Assoc. Prof. Dr.ZHU Shiping
. Dr.SHEN Wanxia

    The team has been awarded six national and provincial awards for its excellent achievements on citrus research, and has a good record on success in highly competitive research grants. We have molecular biology, biotechnology and fruit quality assessment laboratories, also over 10ha of national citrus gemplasm repository and experimental orchard. There are several postgraduate study programs offered to PhD and Master students who are interested in molecular biology, biotechnology, germplasm research and breeding. The post-doctoral scholarship is also available to further your research in a specific field.


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